Chasing guppies while Moby Dick swims away?

21.09.2015 in Kamron, Loyalty, Marketing

Stop chasing the smallest opportunity… Problem: Increasing sales through customer acquisition is the most expensive and least productive method for driving profits. It is a restaurant’s own customers who are more likely to visit and spend money, yet most owners blow 90% or more of…


Don’t get hood-winked by harvesters

09.06.2015 in Loyalty, Marketing

Q: Would you give your customer list to your fiercest competitors? Now that “sounds” like a stupid question… but many merchants are doing that right now – without realizing it. I can’t tell you how many merchants have called in… sick to their stomachs because they…


How to grow sales by becoming a community hero

21.10.2011 in Loyalty, Marketing, Sales

The kids are lookin’ sharp in their Little League uniforms…thanks to you.  That sick lady who needs the kidney transplant is going to have it…thanks to you.  The whole town is talking about the new nature trail at the park…and that is thanks to you…