How In-N-Out Burger hires the best talent…

10.07.2015 in Kamron, Sales

I’ve got some marketing out. Phones are ringing. Dinner rush. Friday night. Tickets piling up. And there he stands, as motionless as an iguana… slooooowly applying toppings. Never speeding up… never slowing down. So I ask: “At your day job at Burger King… don’t they have…


Restaurants still slow to embrace smart technology

25.06.2015 in Marketing

By Dipock Das, VP of Technology at HotSchedules This article originally appeared on The irony of “smart” technology is its stupidity under the wrong conditions. Smart devices are only as intelligent as the data they rely on, and no industry has had more difficulty…


Don’t get hood-winked by harvesters

09.06.2015 in Loyalty, Marketing

Q: Would you give your customer list to your fiercest competitors? Now that “sounds” like a stupid question… but many merchants are doing that right now – without realizing it. I can’t tell you how many merchants have called in… sick to their stomachs because they…


Data dump

07.02.2015 in Marketing, Sales

Big Data: There’s another trap out there (besides harvesters) that’s sure to leave you underwhelmed. Credit card processors offering data of some sort as a “value add” if you switch your processing to them. The Pitch: You’ll see some colorful whiz-bang charts and reports (they’ll go…


[Infographic] Why bad reviews can be good for business

23.10.2014 in Marketing

It’s no longer “buyer beware…” It’s now “seller beware.” As more and more people turn to review sites before trying a new business… your future hinges on how you handle negative reviews like never before. Oddly enough though, a few “bad” reviews are actually good…


To catch a thief

24.05.2014 in Kamron, Sales

This article originally appeared in PMQ magazine, 2007 – Is your marketing creating profits for you… or a windfall for others? Dark clouds hang threatening in the sky. I’m strolling into my pizza shop. It’s 8 minutes before opening time and I’m pleasantly surprised to…


10 X 10 promotion

15.11.2013 in Marketing, Pizza, Promotions

Background: Jim King retired from the IT profession and decided to indulge his lifelong dream of opening a pizzeria. I tried to talk him out of it. Why? Because I’ve seen the carnage first hand when people get into the biz without a reality check….



07.04.2013 in Marketing

Risk. From the French word “risqué” meaning “naughty.” Take a look at your ring finger. Is it longer than your index finger? By how much? A recent study by Cambridge University discovered that men with longer ring fingers, compared to their index fingers – tended…

If you were me, what would you see?

17.12.2012 in Marketing

With a new year on the horizon… blink away the past and look at your business through fresh eyes. Too many business owners obsess with ‘How can I make life easier for me. Some though, flip the stage… ‘How can I make life better for…


5 Secrets of Site Selection

17.12.2012 in Marketing

In the spring of 1900 Galveston, Texas stood on the threshold of greatness. It was clearly winning the race to become not only the largest, grandest city in all of Texas, but also the major port city in the entire Gulf region. The New York…