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11 Buying Triggers to Improve Your Restaurant Marketing

When it comes to restaurant marketing ideas, nothing could be simpler than incorporating buying triggers into your advertising. If you want to learn how to attract more customers to your restaurant, this is the video for you. Watch this video, or continue scrolling below, for the buying triggers to use in your restaurant marketing.

About Buying Triggers for Restaurant Marketing

I put this video together because when it comes to restaurant marketing, no other tactic beats ordinary marketing more effectively than what you're about to discover. That's because each of these buying triggers takes advantage of shortcuts already programmed into the human mind. They're going to lift you above your competitors and make it easier for you to attract customers.

What is a buying trigger? A buying trigger is a phrase that when used properly eliminates the need for evaluation. It slides right into the mind and triggers established associations that we already have with the word or phrase. For example, the word walk. There are more than 60 synonyms for the word walk but each one paints a different picture. For example, if I tell you I saw someone walking down the street, it's pretty much a vanilla picture in your head. But if I tell you they were strutting down the street, the word strut conveys additional information. People strut when they're confident, cocky, excited, right? And it's that additional information that piggybacks on the word strut and altered the picture in your mind.

Being more thoughtful about how your prospects and customers perceive your messaging gives you the power to attract more customers and capture more wallet share.

Let’s start with the word “just.” Just adds urgency and energy. For example, Copper River salmon just arrived and it's on special this weekend vs. Copper River salmon is on special this weekend right. Not as much urgency not as much timeliness.

The word “because” will strengthen your selling position because it makes you explain why you have the best-selling steak in the area. Because we use Black Angus prime beef, aged 21 days.

Or try this one on. We deliver faster than anyone else because our mapping program shows the fastest route from our store to your home.

You want to elevate yourself above competitors that do something just as good as you do. No problem. No other restaurant in town loads more fillings into their burrito than Café Rio. Now others might put the same amount as Café Rio but if they don't have more than, this statement not only gives you the high ground but it's 100% true. No other pizza shop offers more toppings. Or make it local. No other restaurant in Summerland offers more gluten free choices than Mario's ordinary. Why do more and more people prefer the taste of Angelina's pizza over ordinary pizza? One quick stroke of your brush and bam you've painted every other pizza place in town as ordinary. Nobody wants ordinary.

Each pizza is handmade to order paints a picture. It beats the hell out of all pizzas were made to order. The first example implies individual attention to each one. The second one lumps them all together. And don't say each and every pizza is handmade to order because it reduces the impact. Each is personal. It's mine. Every is for everybody else.

Here's a good one: limit. When you place a limit on something, it makes people want it more. And grocery stores have found that saying things like “limit 3 per shopper” almost guarantees everybody will buy three and sometimes six because they'll sneak through another line. Maybe your special is so good that you have to say something like, “Extra large pumpkin pies great for Thanksgiving. Only $8.99 each. But at this price, limit 3 per family please.” The word limit by itself conveys that the price must be good and they probably don't have a bunch of these things lying around. I've got to get three of these puppies while I can. And I better hurry.

This is a proven way to sell more of anything. Select. Do you use the finest ingredients or do you select the finest ingredients for my meal? Select is fancier than use.

Unlike others can paint all of your competitors right into a corner. Unlike others, we don't use lard in our pizza dough. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa wait a minute. People use lard in their dough? Now the fact is a handful of pizza shops around the country actually do put lard in their dough, but it doesn't matter. The phrase creates a dividing line, placing you on one side and your competitors on the other. Unlike other restaurants, we hand select farm fresh produce from local farmers. We don't share your customer database with your competitors. Huh. Guess what. Many of our so-called competitors will send your customers promotions from your competitors. True story. It's in this blog post. Use this phrase ethically to highlight a point of distinction between you and others.

Plus is a stronger motivator than “and you get a large combo pizza and a large one topping pizza for just $17.99 is weaker than you get a large combo pizza plus a large one topping pizza for just $17.99. Plus amplifies the second item. Here is a link to my build-a-better-coupon video. 

Even is another one. “We deliver free” is fine, but, “We even deliver free” makes it sound like an additional perk. “Gosh they made this great pizza for me and they even deliver it free.”

Include when. Try this: “Our pizza was great before but NOW it's even better. When is better than if. You'll occasionally see an ad that says, “Hey, if you want the best steak in town, come to Billy Bob steakhouse.” The problem is “if” has an almost snarky condescending feel to it. Nobody sits around trying to figure out IF they want a good steak. They do however decide WHEN they want a good steak. You might as well put your message in that pre-existing lane – not if but when.

We're at the end here and I promised you I'd get you all 23 buying triggers and pointing to my video on how to really amplify the perceived portion size of menu item so you can sell more and even charge more.

Download your copy of the complimentary report with all 23 buying triggers.  

If you would like to learn more about increasing restaurant sales, driving traffic, maximizing a marketing budget or anything else related to restaurant marketing, visit my YouTube channel. 

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