From near bankruptcy to booming sales

If you’re stuck between a rock and hard place, still wondering whether to fish or cut bait, can’t decide if you should keep the doors open or say ‘the hell with it’, here’s Debbie Taranto’s solution in her own words…

Kamron:  So, Debbie…what happened at Taranto’s Pizzeria?

Debbie:  The old saying, "pizza is recession proof"... that isn't the case anymore.

I had been in business for over 20 years when the recession hit - and, man - did it hit me hard!  I lost almost ALL my corporate business immediately, then the households.  People were holding on to their money and were scared.

I was scared too.  Literally everything changed overnight.  I was working in a whole new world and business.

Kamron:  What solutions had you considered?

Debbie:  I wasn't considering any solutions other than meeting with my lawyer and seeing how I would close my business.  It was a very scary time.

Kamron:  So what did you do?

Debbie:  I committed a monthly payment that I wasn't sure I could afford to Repeat Returns.

With Repeat Returns and some creative advertising, I got back on track and did not have to close my doors.  I have increased sales by over $3,000 a week and get to see my "regulars" on a even more regular basis now.  They absolutely LOVE this program!

Kamron:  Can you describe what happened next?

Debbie:  I have seen a significant increase in sales of over $3000.00 to $4000.00 a week.  My customers remind "me" to make sure they get their points.  The response has been overwhelming for this program.  I love the personalized emails and even the sense of humor the emails project.  It's not a "typical" email program.  Very personalized and unique.  It definitely stands out in the crowd.

Kamron:  Any other thoughts?

Debbie:  I took a chance on Repeat Returns.  I'm so glad I did.


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