How to grow sales by becoming a community hero

The kids are lookin’ sharp in their Little League uniforms…thanks to you.  That sick lady who needs the kidney transplant is going to have it…thanks to you.  The whole town is talking about the new nature trail at the park…and that is thanks to you too.

You – yes, YOU – can be an engine of improvement in your community.   A hero!

And it’s all because people like your restaurant.

Let me explain….

Imagine for a minute that a tornado has ruined the High School’s music department and now they need new brass the tune of $3000.  So they send their star Band Booster Mom to ask for your donation…

Band Booster Mom:  The band needs money. Could you pledge $25.00?

You:  I’ll do better than that…I’ll raise all $3000 for you. You won’t  have to go anywhere else.

Band Booster Mom (after a moment of stunned silence):  OMG!  Thank you! How?

OK, Restaurant Blog-Buddy, here's how.   Just click to check out this important Community Connections info...

Then the next time someone asks you for a donation, you can offer them real help AND painlessly recruit NEW customers.  Yes, with this loyalty program you can help others while increasing your own sales.

You can tell Booster Mom that you will…

  • Build a FREE donation website so all of their members can keep track of progress
  • Get ‘em on Facebook so they can spread the word faster
  • Send special emails to their members to encourage participation
  • Donate a certain percentage (you choose how much) of EVERY sale made to the Booster Club members
  • Continue to donate until a certain amount (your choice) or date (your choice) has been reached

The Booster Club alerts all their members.  You get NEW customers because, whenever a Booster member wants to dine out, they come to your restaurant, because YOU are helping their cause.

And with every purchase, you are tracking the details of their visit so you can continue marketing to them long after the band has purchased their new instruments.

Restaurant Blog Buddy, our NEW Community Connections is a win-win rewards program.

In fact, why wait for charitable organizations to contact you?  Call your favorite charity and offer your help.  They will call you their ‘hero.’

Good news for  Repeat Returns “Premier” already have Community Connections.

GREAT News for “Pro” Subscribers…You can try this NEW powerful sales and community-building feature FREE for 3 full months – that’s 90 days!  Just call the office and say… “I want to be a prosperous hero too.  Give me Community Connections.”

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