How to make bank with football

When the Saints are on TV or playing in the Dome, you can shoot a cannon down Canal Street and not hit a soul.

Your town is probably the same way.  Everybody is at home watching the game.  You can’t close up shop though…your hours are posted for the world to see.

It doesn’t have to be slow like that.  Here are a few solid ideas to get the cash register ringing on game day…


Pizza Delivery & Full Service Restaurants… FOOTBALL CATERING/DELIVERY is a touchdown!

If you have not yet entered the highly lucrative catering arena, football season is the time to dip your toe in.  You don’t need a new menu, you don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary.

Just this:  Review your menu to see which full-sized food can be turned into party trays of hand food.  Do you serve a hamburger?  Cut several into quarters …now you have a ‘Burger Bite’ platter. Same thing with your other subs and sandwiches.  How about deep-fried veggies, cheese, and pickles?  Mix ‘em up on a sampler tray.  And don’t forget your special FREE dipping sauces.

Send an On Demand  email a week before the game.  Put your football special on Facebook and Twitter. Offer your sweetest deal, maybe a complementary bottle of soda pop, and a big bunch of extra points.  And best of all, you will know how busy you are going to be, even before the teams run onto the field.

Convenience Stores… HALF-TIME SPECIAL

You have a heckuva good advantage over grocery stores and sit-down restaurants on game day.  You have parking right in front of your door.  They’re in – they’re out.  And real quick too!  C-Store Owner, this one is just for you…HALF-TIME SPECIAL!

Here is how it works:  Fans grab their cell phones immediately at half time.  Use this moment to run a Half-Time Special on chips, dips, beer, and fried chicken.  Make sure you mention ease of parking.  Use Twitter, Facebook, and our On Demand feature.  Give ‘em extra points.  And get away from your front door before the stampede knocks you over.


You have two kinds of clients…

  1. Ladies who like football
  2. Ladies who don’t give a hoot.

Here’s what to do:  Run a special the ENTIRE WEEK BEFORE the game offering a great deal on football logo manicures to the ladies in group 1.

For the ladies in group 2, use Twitter, Facebook, and our On Demand feature on the day of the game.  Offer a super special deal – GOOD DURING THE GAME ONLY - on manicures, pedicures, and anything else you do.  Lots of gals want to relax and get away from the football mania at home.  Mention ‘football-free experience’ to ladies in group 2.  Don’t forget to pile on the extra points.


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