If you were me, what would you see?

With a new year on the horizon... blink away the past and look at your business through fresh eyes.

Too many business owners obsess with 'How can I make life easier for me. Some though, flip the stage… 'How can I make life better for my customers?'

Which model do you think will grow the quickest… and ultimately make life better for the owner?

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day… after a while a long string of years add up to less than you expected.

Only by taking a fresh look at your business through the eyes of those outside the bubble, will you be able to catch the issues holding you back.  That’s why sharp franchisors send inspectors out to take a fresh look at the local shop.  That’s why sharp chains hire secret shoppers or conduct random surveys…

…to catch what’s right, and what’s wrong – before the bank account brings bad news.

Welcome negative comments.  Fix the problem.  Move forward.



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