Read this before you choose any loyalty provider

Q: Would you give your customer list to your fiercest competitors?

Now that "sounds" like a stupid question... but many merchants are doing that right now - without realizing it.

I can't tell you how many merchants have called in... sick to their stomachs because they fell prey to a new trend masquerading as a loyalty program.

Here's the deal: A slick salesperson calls or visits... tells you about a easy-to-use loyalty program that has one app or card that your customers can use anywhere.

Translation: “Harvesting Program.” These programs collect your customer list and share with other businesses, even direct competitors.

Your customers become their customers.

So even if you cancel their program, they have already harvested your customer list and will continue to advertise your competitors to your customers.

Here's a partial list of harvesters:

  • Bellycard.com
  • Thelevelup.com (credit card processor)
  • SpotOn.com
  • Fivestars.com
  • SignalEngage.com
  • LoyalTree.com
  • Thanx.com (credit card processor)

There's more than 50 of them... and they're popping up like weeds so you need to be informed.

They'll dazzle you with tablets, free cards, mobile apps, scanners... but at the end of the day you are paying them to steal your customer list and share it with your competitors.

Here's how you can easily identify a harvester:

  • They have a map of "participating locations" on their website
  • Your customers can use just one card or mobile app anywhere

Beware providers that charge YOU to build THEIR business.

How is Repeat Returns different?

Simple. Your customers don't join the Belly program... they don't join the Thanx program... or any other program... they join YOUR program.

We provide a one-to-one marketing relationship between you and your customers… and we don’t share your customer list with anyone.

Learn more about choosing the proper loyalty provider for your business here.

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