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A client once asked me for ideas on how to sell more fish pizzas. I know... I know... 


...but I actually had a pizza we called the Northwest and it was amazing.

Here's the menu description:

A lavish blend of smoked salmon, shrimp, capers, sauteed mushrooms, red onions, smoked Gouda, rosemary and toasted pine-nuts crown our original recipe olive paste.

I always described that pizza this way: Picture yourself at a fancy party with a bunch of corporate titans, heads-of-state, and Hollywood a-listers... and a tray of gorgeous hors d'oeuvres catches your attention. You pop one in your mouth... and almost have an orgasm. That's how delicious that pizza was.

Truth is... it's the pizza that convinced me to buy my pizzeria in the first place.

Even though it wasn't a big seller, it made a big statement about my pizzeria.  

Anyway, fish pizzas aren't going to be blowing the doors off the place right? So I advised my client to advertise the popular dishes that people are already ordering... and to "sample" the fish pizza to drive awareness.

Here's the deal... don't spend money and waste opportunity by promoting a fringe item. Sell what sells.  

You will make more money by advertising and promoting what people already want.

Once you have their trust you can look for opportunities to sample signature dishes, and upsell additional items.

This article was updated 4/5/18

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