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Time to ditch Facebook?

17.05.2016 in Kamron, Marketing

I was labeled a heretic in 2010 when I advised most clients to think twice about going down the Facebook rabbit hole. Hijacking a platform designed for friends and family – as an advertising/promotional tool seemed paradoxical. Do I really want a bunch of ads/spam…


Chasing guppies while Moby Dick swims away?

21.09.2015 in Kamron, Loyalty, Marketing

Stop chasing the smallest opportunity… Problem: Increasing sales through customer acquisition is the most expensive and least productive method for driving profits. It is a restaurant’s own customers who are more likely to visit and spend money, yet most owners blow 90% or more of…


How In-N-Out Burger hires the best talent…

10.07.2015 in Kamron, Sales

I’ve got some marketing out. Phones are ringing. Dinner rush. Friday night. Tickets piling up. And there he stands, as motionless as an iguana… slooooowly applying toppings. Never speeding up… never slowing down. So I ask: “At your day job at Burger King… don’t they have…


To catch a thief

24.05.2014 in Kamron, Sales

This article originally appeared in PMQ magazine, 2007 – Is your marketing creating profits for you… or a windfall for others? Dark clouds hang threatening in the sky. I’m strolling into my pizza shop. It’s 8 minutes before opening time and I’m pleasantly surprised to…

From near bankruptcy to booming sales

14.09.2011 in Kamron, Marketing, Pizza, Sales

If you’re stuck between a rock and hard place, still wondering whether to fish or cut bait, can’t decide if you should keep the doors open or say ‘the hell with it’, here’s Debbie Taranto’s solution in her own words… Kamron:  So, Debbie…what happened at…


What is a proper marketing budget?

15.01.2011 in Kamron, Marketing

This article originally appeared in Pizza Today Magazine, 2009 – There’s an old rule of thumb that a marketing budget and rent should be 12 percent of total sales. The theory is that if you have low rent, say 5 percent of sales, you are…