The dark side to third-party restaurant delivery services

COVID-19 Restaurant Relief? LOL

Restaurant owners are stampeding to slaughter in record numbers an effort to survive the Apocalypse. The vultures are waiting. This is a dire WARNING to anyone considering third-party delivery...

"We're helping the restaurants..." LOL

Customer habits are FOREVER changed. Takeout / delivery is not a "think-about-it" thing anymore. 

The bad news: Consumers WILL stay away from restaurants.  Office parks and downtown hubs will NOT return to full capacity.

That traffic you used to get after the football game or concert? Ha!

The good news? Yes, there will be fewer dine-in customers. But there will also be fewer restaurants.

They WILL order more for pickup / delivery.

And consumers will be wiring up new habits... they'll try delivery from their favorite restaurants. 

Fact is, most "restaurants" are so-so at the off-premise logistics. So, instead of hiring drivers and investing in the proper technology...

...They've signed up with the devil

The usual third-party delivery suspects... are boarding restaurants at 10X the usual pace.

Nothing like a good panic to stampede the herd.

And here's what happens next

Once you've sold your soul... the Devil will demand more. 30%... not good enough (HELL NO).

YOU need to offer some nice fat discounts to get priority placement... 

And when you've finally been squeezed dry... and they've trained your customers to order from them - instead of you... 

...they don't need you any more...

And they'll discard you like a used hanky. 

This Video: We’re gonna cover three things: 

  1. How they seduce you with false promises
  2. How they turn your customers into "their" customers
  3. How once they've done that - you are their hostage 


The new restaurant reality is off-premise

Takeout and delivery will prove to be the biggest opportunity of your restaurant life - if you get it right. And you do it FAST.

And since you do need to get this figured out fast, I'll devote much of the next few week's posts and videos to helping you navigate the trail.

Be well my friend...

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