COVID-19 Brutalized The Restaurant Industry Will 3DP Kill it?

This freaking COVID-19 plague has been brutal. Once-thriving restaurants are on life support. Some are dead. Others, untouched. As the lock-down ends, there will be winners, and losers. Winners are always in complete control...

The article that never ran...

A while back a major restaurant industry publication asked me to write an article about third-party delivery (3PD) and online ordering services. 

They wanted the pros and cons.

I gave it to them, warts and all.

They killed the article.

You'll find out "why" towards the end of this week's video.

And it's pretty disappointing. 

Anyway, one of the topics in that article, is the meat of this week's episode.

You're Either In Control - or You're Not

Can you imagine if restaurants just let any old fool walk in off the street, and start answering phones,  taking orders, and waiting on tables?

And how chaotic it would be if 3, 5, maybe 6 new cooks wandered in every night, banged out a meal or two and then never come back?

And here's where it gets really ridiculous...

Imagine if restaurant owners started letting random strangers deliver meals to their customers...

Oh wait. They do.

Third-Party Restaurant Delivery

Last week we exposed the ghost kitchens, fake websites, and obscene fees...  

This week we explore one of the darker  consequences of bringing third-party-delivery into your restaurant.

Think about this: Delivery may be the ONLY experience some customers ever have with your restaurant. And you need to have absolute control over that experience.

You cannot gamble it on a third-party delivery service.

Remember: Watch till the end for the disappointing reason my article... exposing the downside of 3DP, never ran. 

Be well my friend...

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