Drive Traffic with Coupon and No Discount

Drive Restaurant Traffic with Coupons and No Discount

Is it possible to drive restaurant traffic with a coupon that doesn't offer a discount? Hell yeah! 

Watch the video below to learn learn how to drive traffic to your restaurant with coupons that don't offer discounts, or continue reading below. 

Everyone is looking for good restaurant marketing tips. This one is essential, especially when working with ad reps. They're going to push you to discount your product and tell you it's what your competition is doing. But there are many more restaurant owners who aren't getting rich than restaurant owners getting rich. So don't fall for the recommendation from your ad rep to discount your product. They want to drive traffic to your restaurant and that's a success for them. But discounts don't generate profits, which is what you really want.

If you haven't watched this tip, it will help to watch it first.

Now, let's learn how to drive traffic with coupons and no discount.

I tested coupons with two different prices for a large three-topping pizza. There wasn't much difference between $10.99 and $12.99, so I went with the higher-profit price. And I put that in my coupon. It was more like an announcement of the everyday price rather than a discount.

Only one time in five years did someone notice that the coupon was the same price as the pizza on the menu. Feel free to stick to your everyday price with your ad reps or your online promotions. And don't hesitate to then add an up-sell to make a little more money - like two pizzas for $19.99.

If you would like to learn more about increasing restaurant sales, driving traffic, maximizing a marketing budget or anything else related to restaurant marketing, visit my YouTube channel. 

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