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If you're looking for Facebook marketing tips for restaurants, I interviewed a social media insider for you! Here are 9 Facebook and Instagram ideas (from a former Facebook trainer) that will show you how to drive MORE traffic to your restaurant while spending LESS time and LESS money on Facebook. Watch the video below or keep scrolling to read more about it.

About Facebook Marketing Tips for Restaurants

Listen if you struggle with Facebook or Instagram as a way to drive traffic or engage with customers, you are not alone. There are so many questions. “Should I post every week once a week?” “Should I run ads?” “Do they work?” “Does anybody pay attention?” “How do I get started?”

To help answer your many questions, I interviewed, Michael Wright, the guy that trained thousands of Facebook employees on how to run effective Facebook ad campaigns. Even if you're not running ads, he provides several tips to help you engage with your audience and customers on social media.

This was a great interview because several gems popped out that you have to hear. We're going to bust a myth about posting, and I know it's going to put a smile on your face. You're going to learn why Facebook ads can be super effective for you.

Q: Mike a lot of people that own a small business or a restaurant are searching Google and looking at YouTube videos trying to figure out how to make Facebook ads work for them. Let’s give them a shortcut and share some of your best tips with them. I talked to a lot of folks that think you have to be on Facebook all the time and it's all about likes and follows. You have a different take on it.

A: Absolutely. What business owners should really care about is the bottom line and driving more business. What is the point of having a Facebook or Instagram presence if it's not going to drive more business for you? There are a number of ways and tactics to increase your engagement to drive more business. But engagement itself, the number of likes you have on your posts and the number of reactions, the number of comments, the number of followers you have on Instagram, really means nothing at the end of the day if it's not actually helping your business.

If what you’re doing on Facebook isn’t bringing traffic into your restaurant, chances are it's probably not doing a whole lot for you. But running the ads gives you the ability to reach out to get outside of your existing network, outside of your four walls and target the exact people that you want coming into your business from the exact areas that they live in.

Q: What about boosting a post versus creating ads on Facebook?

A: Boosting posts is actually how 80 percent of new advertisers on Facebook get started with advertising. Facebook makes it really quick and easy for people to spend money on these ads. However, it's actually just essentially a lightweight interface. It's a limited functionality of Ads Manager, which is the tool that more sophisticated marketers use to create ads from scratch.

The thing about boosting a post is that that's content that you've already posted to your existing followers. And when you're creating an ad from scratch using Ads Manager, then you can actually communicate with new audiences in a different way than you would communicate with your existing followers. Boosting can be another form of spamming your existing audience with ads. You don't just want to be blasting them with offer after offer after offer because that's not really adding a lot of value. There's not a lot of reason why people would engage with those types of posts over time. However, you do want to be advertising to people who are just experiencing your business for the first time.

Q: What type of business owner wants to learn these controls and which type of business owner should rely on a service or somebody else to get this done for them?

A: I think that if it's a business that has a large enough reach where there's going to be a lot of different types of campaigns and a lot of different audience segments, then it's helpful to really dive in and learn these tools. If you don't have the sophistication or the ability to actually see the bottom line results that come from your activities on social media, then it's probably a good idea to work with a marketer.

Q: Why are ads on Facebook in particular more effective than almost any other type of advertising?

A: When people are on Facebook or Instagram or these social platforms, they're typically in a leisurely state. They typically don't open Facebook when they're rushing to get somewhere. It's usually when they're sitting and they're bored. So, when people are in that kind of leisurely mindset is when they're most receptive to marketing messages. It's not like they're going into Instagram to reference what the weather's like for the next you know 10 hours.

To make your posts and ads stand out, it all starts with the visual. You must have a strong visual to have a really effective ad. Be as authentic as possible. People actually want to connect with businesses on a number of levels. And Facebook and Instagram pages have enabled businesses to interact much like they would as a person. They're an actual entity now interacting with the public. People love to follow businesses when it's clear what that business's mission is, what they're passionate about, what they stand for and this is true both for your advertising but also for your “organic” posts to your business page. Make sure that if you are posting organically to your followers that you're letting them into a journey or a story for your business.

Q: What are the key elements to have on the Facebook business page?

A: All of the sections on your Facebook page are customizable. You can actually change the order of the tabs as they show up on your page. But most of the people who are seeing the photos and the posts that you do are actually seeing it in their News Feed. They're not going to your page and then scrolling down through your timeline. Most of the engagement that you're going to get for that content is in someone's personal news feed when they log into the app. So the most important sections that you have on your business page are when people are searching for your business page. Typically it's because they want information right away. They want that reference information. So, having all of this information in the About section filled out is incredibly important. Put reviews near the top because, again, when people are proactively searching for your page, there is a good chance it's because they're considering making an order from your page.

Q: Let’s talk about “food porn” and using it on your restaurant’s business pages. (Food porn is pretty pictures of food, probably food made in your restaurant.)

A: There's no right or wrong way to conduct your Instagram presence, for example. If you're a restaurant, and you know you're constantly posting pictures of food on your Instagram, that right there is very clearly branded as like a food porn page. That means that the people who are going to be attracted to your page and who are going to be following you are people who like seeing images of food over and over again. That is a very small subsection of people who were potential buyers of your products. If you choose to go down that route, just make sure that you're aware that just because you have a certain number of followers, people who follow your page because they like pictures of food that doesn't necessarily translate to people who are going to buy your product.

Another tactic that I've seen be effective are restaurants that post more about their journey and what happens behind the scenes, like in the kitchen.

Q: Let’s look at a feed like Domino’s and how all they show are  pictures of pizzas. That’s that about?

A: The principle they really understand is that everything you post on your Facebook page on your Instagram page, whether it's organic or if you pay for it, it's all an advertisement for your business. It's all an opportunity to get in front of potential consumers. What Domino's understands is that they don't need a lot of diversity in the types of posts that they do because they post at a certain interval where when people see the content in their feed it's a reminder to buy pizza.

Here is a summary of everything covered in the complete interview with Michael. You can get the whole interview on YouTube by clicking on the image above.

Our Facebook insider gave some great Facebook Marketing tips:

  1. Do I NEED to post all the time? (Surprise)
  2. What is the proper way to engage with my audience?
  3. Is boosting effective – or not? (Shocker)
  4. Should I advertise to my followers?
  5. Are Facebook ads even effective?
  6. What is the best way to attract and keep followers?
  7. What elements does my page need to be successful?
  8. What’s the best type of cover image for my restaurant?
  9. Food porn. Is it right for my restaurant?

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