Don't fear the reaper. Ghost kitchens are here to stay. Instead of hemorrhaging customers to them... learn how to deploy a "secret" ghost kitchen of your own. Easy! Here's the formula... 



Make Money With Your Own Ghost Kitchen

Haunted by the growing number of ghost kitchens? Got some dead time between lunch and dinner rushes? Is the place a graveyard after...

...okay, enough ghost puns.

The Trend is Your Friend

Listen, I've been watching this ominous trend since 2018... COVID gave it rocket fuel... and it is now unstoppable.

Ghost kitchens WILL dig into restaurant sales (already are). 

So, if you can't beat'em... you do what?

You freakin' get in on the action.

But whatever you do...

Don't "Ghost" YOUR Brand

Here's the formula. And it's cow-stupid simple.

1. Create a new brand

2. Food that is in demand - and travels well

3. Price it to include GrubHub fees

Pull the trigger. 

Pop it up on GrubHub... DoorDash... wherever...



You don't endanger your core brand when the third-party clowns deliver late, cold food. 

You don't have to jack up regular menu prices to pay the vultures.

Just sign up with the parasites, upload your properly-priced "Ghost menu" - and set the delivery/takeout hours to suit your needs.

You just make money with what you already have. SWEET!

Watch the Video... 

Monty Lockyear (Founder of Smash Park) has already dialed this in. Just do what he did.


Remember, if you need a serious restaurant marketing platform to attract customers and grow sales on auto-pilot... 

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Be well, my friend...

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