Hot Tip Lunch Traffic Ep 2

Hot Tip to Drive Instant Restaurant Lunch Traffic

If you're looking for a quick way to drive lunch traffic into your restaurant, I’m going to show you how my pizzeria lunch business went from nothing to a line out the door in a single day. 

Watch this video, or continue reading below, for restaurant marketing help that will build your lunch business and do it fast. 


About a quick way to drive lunch traffic
The video above is the second episode in a seven-episode series focused on increasing restaurant lunch business. You can watch the first video here.

Now, for idea #2 for increasing restaurant lunch businesss... 

When I first got my pizzeria, you could throw a hand grenade in the dining area during lunch time, and you wouldn't hurt a fly. So, to boost lunch dine-in, and working with the idea that people love getting stuff for free and giving their opinion, I got the bright idea one day to saturate a local office park with a ton of flyers that said:

“We’ve just added three new lunch specials. I’d like to treat you to one of them today… any one you want… absolutely free… and all I ask is that you fill out a quick comment card to let us know what you thought of it…”

OMG! We got POUNDED! I am in disbelief to this day at the amount of people wearing ties
and nice dresses that stood in a line that went outside our front door in order to get a free lunch. We were so buried that we had to hand out rain checks. From that point forward, we had a very respectable dine-in lunch business and started making EVEN more deliveries to that business park. It was a win/win.

The key to this is to require the comment card because of a long-established principle called “reason-why” advertising. You see, offers that seem too good to be true raise suspicion. We wonder “what’s wrong with it?” And then we devalue the item before we even see it. So, to avoid that, you provide a reason “why.” And that’s why you see so many end-of-year tax sales, end-of-month inventory clearance, fire sale, rain damage, scratch and dent, etc. They are providing you a plausible “reason why” things are on sale.

You can see how a free lunch might raise suspicion. "Place must be desperate. "Food must be sketchy." Why do they have to do this?" Our minds are trained to be suspicious. BUT you can bypass that cloud of suspicion and provide a legitimate "reason why” you are treating them to lunch.

If you want to walk, advertise with discounts, If you want to run, try “free.” And if you don’t want to get run over by junk-traffic, provide a “reason why” lunch is free.

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