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How Restaurant Loyalty Programs Build Lunch Business

If you want to increase lunch business in your restaurant, there is one simple way to do it uncontrollably. Restaurant loyalty programs help customers choose you over your competitors. (This is episode #5 in Ideas for Increasing Lunch Traffic and Sales.)

Watch this video, or continue reading below, for restaurant marketing help that will build your lunch business and do it fast. 


Increase lunch sales with loyalty rewards program
The video above is the fifth episode in a seven-episode series focused on increasing restaurant lunch business.

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Now, for idea #5 for increasing restaurant lunch business... 

If you want to turn first-time customers into steady regulars that come back to your restaurant on autopilot, spend more money and stay loyal, add a restaurant loyalty program.

Attracting someone to your restaurant one time - and then just waving goodbye as they walk out the door - is a fool’s errand… and the #1 mistake restaurant owners make that keeps their lunch business on life support.

A loyalty program reduces your need to pump out discounts all the time, because loyalty members are motivated to earn rewards. And this is NOT theory. Loyalty customers visit MORE and spend MORE than non-members.

A loyalty program provides a “tie-breaker” that causes customers to choose you over your competitors more often because even if they get a coupon for $3 off, somewhere else, they lose out on earning points at your place. And they're working to earn that reward faster. Just think of some of the reward programs you’re enrolled in and how that affects your spending decisions.

A restaurant loyalty program (and I’m not talking like entry-level programs, I’m talking about a serious marketing platform like Repeat Returns) with AUTOMATED marketing ends your dependence on continual mass advertising. This is because once a customer is in your program, the platform does the marketing for you on auto-pilot. And guess what? The high-tech marketing, the stuff you want, is so affordable today. It's so affordable it costs you far more NOT to have it.

Anyway, even if you have an entry-level program, and you’re on the do-it-yourself track, here’s three ways you can use a restaurant loyalty program to boost your lunch sales.

1. Endowment Effect: It’s proven that more customers will come back sooner when you spiff them some points just for joining your loyalty program. That’s because it instantly puts them on the path to earning a reward vs. starting at zero. And that’s why we always recommend that our clients give 25 “bonus” points to customers just for enrolling.

2. Double Points: Awarding double points during lunch hours, or on certain days of the week, or just a random “Double Points” promotion is a proven way to boost traffic WITHOUT using discounts. Customers come for the additional points and in many cases spend MORE money to get MORE points.

3. Catering: Enroll the business ITSELF in your loyalty program and believe me, every time that business earns a reward, they'll be placing an order.

Invest in a restaurant loyalty program that has analytics and automated marketing to make this as simple on you as possible while driving increased business during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If you would like to learn more about increasing restaurant sales, driving traffic, maximizing a marketing budget or anything else related to restaurant marketing, visit my YouTube channel. 

You can also do something right now to increase your lunch business sales - download this free report to learn 7 powerful ways to do it. 

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