Huge Orders from Drug Dealers

How to Build Lunch Sales with Big Spender Accounts

If your restaurant offers delivery, one of the biggest niches you can wedge yourself into is the pharmaceutical reps. Their whole business model revolves around buying lunch for doctors' offices. They have unlimited budgets, and they spend like crazy. 

Watch this video, or continue reading below, for restaurant marketing help that will build your lunch business and do it fast. 


Increase lunch sales with big businesses who want catering
The video above is the seventh episode in a seven-episode series focused on increasing restaurant lunch business.

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Now, for idea #7 for increasing restaurant lunch business... 

About Increasing Lunch Sales Through Big Spenders, i.e., Pharma Reps

Now, I don't know about you but for me trying to get the attention of pharmaceutical reps was like grabbing smoke. They were like ghosts. Impossible to find. Then one day, with the help of a quick-thinking team member, we cracked the code.

We started by taking free pizzas to every doctor's office in our trade area. That started a nice trickle of orders, which then led to a handful of them recommending us to their pharmaceutical reps.

Imagine that. That wasn't so hard.

Then one day, while Kim was making a delivery to a doctor's office, she asked the receptionist a simple question that blew the doors right off of this thing: "How can we get the reps to treat you more often?"

The receptionist handed over her contact list of every pharmaceutical rep that had ever left a business card with that office.

With copies of those contacts, we were able to reach out and offer free lunch to the reps themselves and to get to know them.

One rep even gave us his credit card to keep on file so that anytime a doctor's office he had an account with called to order pizza, we charged his card.

It took a lot of free samples and relationship building with the office receptionists, but eventually we built up our lunch business with orders from these offices. And all it took was a simple question to our target audience asking them how we can get them more of our product.

This is the last tip in the lunch building video series. Great job!

You've learned:

  1. Free builds your lunch FASTER and makes you MORE money
  2. How to fill your restaurant with lunch customers in a single day
  3. Solving the time/money objections KEEPS you on the short list
  4. Amplifying options and convenience and reducing friction expands your pool of customers
  5. Using a restaurant loyalty program keeps lunch customers coming in over and over on auto-pilot
  6. How sampling extends your reach way beyond the four walls of your restaurant to attract the audience of your choice, plus it boosts your ticket size
  7. How sampling for doctors' offices can lead to a big lunch sales boost

For the 7 powerful ways to build lunch business and more information on locating key accounts like I outlined above, download this free report

If you would like to learn more about increasing restaurant sales, driving traffic, maximizing a marketing budget or anything else related to restaurant marketing, visit my YouTube channel. 

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