Does your Facebook need a face-lift?

How to Properly Promote Your Restaurant on Facebook...

Do you struggle with Facebook? Don't know what (or when) to post? Is your page a ghost town? In this video I break down two (and a half) pizzeria Facebook pages. One's a winner... the other not so much. And the secret to success is pretty clear. Just copy the winner... Boom! Done.

Are you making "these" mistakes on Facebook?

Ever been trapped by that annoying "sales" guy... the one who shoves a business card into your hand, pitches you on the next "Amazon" ...and peppers your face with spit?

If only you could get away...

Ahhh... but you CAN. 

You're on Facebook. Remember?


FACT: Way too many restaurants become that annoying blowhard on Facebook.

Offer after offer...

Deal after deal...

Discount after discount...

No engagement. No interesting content. No reason for anyone to scroll...

Click. They're gone...

Fact is… the secret sauce to a super-successful Facebook page that attracts lots of fans, and tons of engagement is really quite simple...

In this video you'll see exactly which type of posts get max-engagement, and which ones get zero.

But here's some bullet points in case you just want a quick overview:

  • You can't go wrong with pictures of people, (including yourself), employees, and customers
  • Behind-the-scenes pictures (watch the video)
  • Animals doing goofy things
  • Those stupid memes
  • Ask questions
  • Animated images and videos (easy - watch the video)
  • Local neighborhood interest stuff

Question for you...

What all-too-common "type" of post turns people off? Now hold that thought... watch the video and see if you nailed it. till the end to learn about a cool (and free) gadget to create funny-as-hell animated thingies with YOUR face on it.

To learn more about increasing your restaurant sales subscribe to my YouTube channel. It's freakin loaded with helpful tips to grow your sales. 

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