How to Increase the Average Ticket

Increase the Average Ticket with Coupons that Up-Sell

Up-selling to customers in your restaurant is a great way to increase the average ticket. But you can also up-sell to your customers to increase the average ticket before they order with coupons.

Watch the video below to learn learn how to use your coupons to increase the average ticket with up-selling opportunities, or continue reading below. 

When you develop your offer for your coupon (watch this video) for how to create coupons that increase traffic and have no discount), include an up-sell on the offer itself.

When you watch the video above, you'll see I offer you a couple of options to spend additional money with you.  

If you haven't watched this tip, it will help to watch it first.

A common way to increase the average ticket in the restaurant is to up-sell to your customers. Offer them a chance to share an appetizer. Upgrade their salad choice. Add extra ingredients to their pizza or their pasta creation. But these are all up-sells when they're sitting in the restaurant.

You can also increase the average ticket with coupons before a customer even calls to order or places an online order. Create a good coupon. Offer a good price (still profitable) for the initial item and then give them options to add to their order that drives up the ticket.

If you're an independent operator, in this video I also take you through an example of how a couple of chain pizzerias do this exact thing.

This video features a couple of different ways to create the coupon or the bounce-back flier.

Your coupons are a way for you to control the offer and the effort. Your employees don't always come through with the up-sell offers, but you can control that with your coupons. Increase your average ticket with coupons. On each order, give your customers the opportunity to spend a little more money. You give your customers a little more value and you can make a little more money at the same time. It's a win-win.

If you would like to learn more about increasing restaurant sales, driving traffic, maximizing a marketing budget, or anything else related to restaurant marketing, visit my YouTube channel. 

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