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Tell Your Story. Build Your Sales.

My pizzeria was voted Best Pizza in Salt Lake City, and became the #1-selling gourmet pizza in town. Much of that success was sharing behind-the-scenes details of how we created the amazing taste. This video and report (below) will help you do the same...


What's Your Story?

A unique selling proposition, remarkable benefit, core story... whatever you call it... allows you to control space in your customer's mind that locks competitors out.

It creates that certain "something" that separates you  from your competitors and tells people why your pizza is a better buy than the other guy down the street. 

Two big examples:

  • “Fresh, hot pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less, guaranteed - or it's free” launched Domino’s.
  • “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.” Launched Papa John’s.

IMPORTANT: Notice the difference between Domino’s and Papa John’s. Domino’s created “urgency” with the 30-minute guarantee. Papa John’s creates “desire” – with “better” implying everyone else has “less than better”. Dominos started the delivered pizza market with that USP.

And see how Domino's didn't even promise the pizza - tasted good? They just hung their hat on the fast delivery. So, the door was wide open when Papa John’s came along and said “better.”

How to Tell Your Story

I'll bet you already do amazing things (that seem unremarkable to you) that would really impress your customers.

That's why I'm sharing the USP, Core Stories and Slogan I used to build sales from $12,000 a month to $149,000 a month.

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My hope is that you'll be inspired to create, articulate and convey your own remarkable benefits... to build a competition-proof business that spits out money like a fire hose.   


Need a serious restaurant marketing platform to attract customers and grow sales on auto-pilot (the answer is "yes")? 

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