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Lunch Specials Ideas that Drive Traffic and Sales

If you are looking to increase your restaurant's lunch business, I want to show you how to leapfrog your restaurant to the top of the people’s shortlist so they choose you more frequently. The trick is to solve two of their biggest barriers and these lunch specials ideas are just the beginning. (This is episode #3 in Ideas for Increasing Lunch Traffic and Sales). 

Watch this video, or continue reading below, for restaurant marketing help that will build your lunch business and do it fast. 


Lunch specials ideas that drive traffic and solve customers' problems
The video above is the third episode in a seven-episode series focused on increasing restaurant lunch business. You can watch the first video here. You can watch the second video here.

Now, for idea #3 for increasing restaurant lunch business... 

What’s on everybody's mind as they’re considering where they’re gonna go to lunch? Time and money. Most people have limited time for lunch and they’re not looking to spend a bunch of money, so your success can stem from SOLVING those hot buttons.

Let's start with time. Create a handful of lunch items - like a sandwich, salad and a drink, or a slice, salad and a drink - that you can have on somebody's table within say 5-7 minutes of ordering. And I’m not talking about your entire menu. You just need a handful of popular lunch combos. That way, you can prep those items, pre-plate some salads, and be ready to have servers take the order and literally pick up the items and haul them out to the table. That solves the time issue.

To solve the money issue, you want some of your lunch menu to have some really sweet prices. Design them to attract those more frugal customers. Again, you don't have to discount the whole menu. Just have enough items so people know they can pop in - and get lunch - without getting skinned alive. That way people know that even if money is a little tight this week, they can stop in because you’ve always got some really great lunch specials. That solves the money issue.

But here's the knockout punch. Do both. Have lunch starting at just $7.99 (or the price point that works for your market and style) on your table within 7 Minutes or it's free. Boom. Done.

And guess what - a major chain, Buffalo Wild Wings, has an offer very similar to what I'm suggesting.

When you have some easy restaurant lunch specials, you will start attracting more customers, more often because you are addressing the two major deciding factors (time and money) that drive most lunch customers.

In the next episode, we’ll look at some operational considerations that will help you expand your overall pool of customers, make you shine as the go-to lunch spot AND help you attract a larger table size.

If you would like to learn more about increasing restaurant sales, driving traffic, maximizing a marketing budget or anything else related to restaurant marketing, visit my YouTube channel. 

You can also do something right now to increase your lunch business sales - download this free report to learn 7 powerful ways to do it. 

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