[Infographic] Why bad reviews can be good for business

10/23/2014 in Marketing

It’s no longer “buyer beware…” It’s now “seller beware.” As more and more people turn to review sites before trying a new business… your future hinges on how you handle negative reviews like never before. Oddly enough though, a few “bad” reviews are actually good…


To catch a thief

5/24/2014 in Kamron, Sales

This article originally appeared in PMQ magazine, 2007 – Is your marketing creating profits for you… or a windfall for others? Dark clouds hang threatening in the sky. I’m strolling into my pizza shop. It’s 8 minutes before opening time and I’m pleasantly surprised to…


10 X 10 promotion

11/15/2013 in Marketing, Pizza, Promotions

Background: Jim King retired from the IT profession and decided to indulge his lifelong dream of opening a pizzeria. I tried to talk him out of it. Why? Because I’ve seen the carnage first hand when people get into the biz without a reality check….


How to sell your business for top dollar

9/4/2013 in Audio, Expert Interview

Robert Slingerland is a business broker in Salt Lake City, Utah. He’s sold restaurants, nightclubs, pizzerias… you name it. He knows how to price a business and he knows what buyers are looking for. Listen in as Bob reveals what you need to do ahead of time so…



4/7/2013 in Marketing

Risk. From the French word “risqué” meaning “naughty.” Take a look at your ring finger. Is it longer than your index finger? By how much? A recent study by Cambridge University discovered that men with longer ring fingers, compared to their index fingers – tended…