4 Steps to Powerful Ads

Restaurant Advertising Idea that Drives Traffic

When it comes to restaurant advertising ideas, do you want to stop wasting money and start getting results? Great! 

Watch this video, or continue reading below, to learn the simple formula and the four most important elements that must be in every single restaurant advertisement you ever put out.


Years ago I attended a copywriting seminar with Gary Bencivenga, a sought-after copywriter who once made $5 million for writing copy for a single brochure. That's how effective his sales copy was!

I went to his two-day workshop that was strictly limited to 100 people and cost $5,000. You even had to apply to be accepted to the workshop. It was worth every penny!

The core of what Gary taught over the course of those two days revolved around a simple concept that he called the persuasion equation.

The persuasion equation is 4 Ps:

Problem - Address the problem your customers are dealing with. In the case of restaurant advertising, every restaurant is advertising that they have food. So you have to move to the next P.

Promise - Make a promise that makes your restaurant stand out. For example, a pizza restaurant might say, "Best Pizza In Town." But doesn't every restaurant say they have the best food? So you have to address that, too.

Proof - This is how you amplify the promise. Not only are you promising the "Best Food In Town," you are also backing that up with a money-back guarantee. Who could make this promise and then back it up if this food wasn't any good? You can also further enhance this guarantee by explaining the guarantee and how easy it is to cash in on that guarantee (learn in this video about the low chances of people taking advantage of this: https://youtu.be/CdZq_20B2t4).

Make it easy for your potential customer to get over their disbelief that your food could be the best.

Proposition - This is the final part of the persuasion equation. This is the killer offer. You can leave your base price in the dust. Put together a value-added package and offer it up.

If you follow the persuasion equation, you're doing what most restaurant ads aren't doing. Most restaurant advertising focuses only on the problem and then the persuasion. There is no promise or proof, giving people very little reason to take you seriously.

If you follow these four steps when putting together restaurant advertising ideas, you're going to attract more traffic and make more money.

Solving the problem speaks to the larger crowd, but all your competitors are also doing this. Your bold promise separates you from your competition and your proof coupled with a great proposition encourages your customer to take action now.

That is the persuasion equation. Knowing this formula puts you ahead of 95% of restaurant owners who are winging it and hoping for the best.

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