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Will Your Restaurant Dining Bounce Back After COVID-19?

Just when you thought this stupid COVID-19 plague couldn't mutate any further (or is it "farther?" hmmm)...  there's a new wrinkle. How people vote may have a HUGE impact on how fast you get back on track...


Restaurant Dining After COVID-19

Wow! Polls are showing that voting habits and ideology may determine if you can get your dining room traffic back sooner... later... or at all. 

It's looking like "Blue" areas may keep restaurant dining sales in the red, while Red areas might get you back in the black... 

Path of Least Resistance

If you're smack-dab in the middle of a hard-blue neighborhood... consider going all-in on take-out delivery right now (market to the trend)... while your competitors stand around sanitizing empty restaurants.

If you're hanging in a red area, then load up on cleaners, get reacquainted with ServSafe procedures and be the "safe, trusted" restaurant people are itching to go to. 

Blue = Red. Red = Black?

Watch the video... it's less than 5 minutes. It'll give you some insight into human psychology.

It may help direct your most urgent restaurant marketing efforts so you don't waste precious cash  promoting the wrong experience to the crowd you need.

Example: Do you focus on getting dine-in traffic back? Or throw in the towel on that... and pivot hard to take-out / delivery?

Watch and ponder. Because the next few decisions you make... may be the most important of your life.

And I don't want you wasting money chasing an audience that may not be there.

It's Getting Ugly Out There

Some predict 30+% of restaurants may NEVER reopen. But I need YOU to focus on making it through this mess.

Hell YES it's gonna be tough. But you need to put on your game-face and go for the win. 

Here's "why" I believe you can do this.

First of all - you watch my videos - that means you're smart 😉). 

Second, there WILL be fewer restaurant customers, but there will also be FEWER RESTAURANTS! 

Third... unfortunately - most owners are in panic mode. And panic leads to dumb decisions. You need to operate from logic.

Keep a cool head. 

**And if you're not already a Repeat Returns client, and you want to consider a serious restaurant marketing platform to fly you to the future... 

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One thing's for sure. What got you to January 2020. Will NOT get you to January 2021.

Be well my friend...

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