Restaurant Marketing Idea to Stand Out

Restaurant Marketing Idea to Stand Out

Restaurant owners are always looking for good restaurant marketing ideas, especially ideas that help you stand out from the crowd. 

Watch this video, or continue reading below, to learn how to do that with something I call the Stadium Pitch.


Let me paint you a scenario. You're at the Super Bowl. Awesome! Your team is winning. Even better! You're feeling good, having a good time. It's half-time, and you're about to head to the snack bar when out of the corner of your eye, you see someone making a bee line right for you. You think, "Huh? What's going on?"

Turns out, this person is offering you an opportunity of a lifetime. You have been randomly chosen to pitch your restaurant to a nationwide audience right now for free. Super Bowl ads sell for $5 million a pop, making this a true opportunity of a lifetime.

Your mind is racing, a microphone is stuffed in your hand and the announcer preps the crowd for what's to come. "Hey, Super Bowl Fans. We're doing something we've never done before and giving your average restaurant owner an opportunity to pitch you on why their restaurant is the best restaurant ever. Meet Bob from Bob's Pizza. Take it away Bob."

Camera swings around, all the lights are on you, all the fans in the stadium are curiously watching you, and you're sweating it. The camera guy cues you to GO. You stammer and say, "Uhhhhhhh, I'm Bob, owner of Bob's Pizza. We have the best pizza in town. And we also make dough fresh every day and uhhhhhh use real cheese." And then you're done.

You had an amazing opportunity to convince people that your restaurant is unique, and let's be honest, you blew it.

How can you make sure anytime an opportunity like this comes your way, you never miss the chance to convince people your restaurant is the absolute best?

The number one restaurant marketing idea is to have a clear reason for people to choose your restaurant. You need a pitch that comes easily off your tongue and and sparks the interest of anyone looking for a reason to try a new restaurant.

Bob could have tried something like, "At Bob's Pizza, we fresh roast whole garlic cloves for our pizza every day and give you a choice of more than 50 toppings to make the perfect pizza, from artichoke hearts to zucchini. Plus we age our dough just like you would a fine wine or cheese to give it an amazing flavor. And each pizza is guaranteed to taste great, or you get your money back. That's probably why we've been voted the best pizza in town!"

Develop descriptive and specific messaging to clearly stand out in a crowded marketplace. Make it easy for people to choose you over your mealy-mouthed competitors. Define yourself or get lost in the crowd.

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