Are You Too Cheap to Get Rich?

MOST restaurant owners grow old and senile trying to grow customer traffic on the cheap. Can't be done. If you want to attract and retain customers you need to steal them from competitors... and then remain top-of-mind forever. And that costs money.

Fast, cheap and easy? Sorry. That's a rumor... 

If you live in constant fear that you're going to run out of money... Stop it! Sure, your parents told you  to "eat everything on your plate... don't you dare touch that thermostat... and drive real slow so you don't waste an ounce of gas..." 

...and even though it's good "old-school" advice... it can have devastating consequences for entrepreneurs like you.

Here's why: It can wire your brain to operate from constant scarcity (rather than abundance). Save, save, SAVE!

And dollars sitting in your pocket aren't out creating new dollars... they're just... sitting there.

FACT: Marketing is the ONLY thing in ANY business that has the potential to grow your income. Everything else is just an expense.

Rent? Expense. Payroll? Expense. Food? Expense.

Marketing? More customers... 

Get it?

My advice is to operate from a point of "abundance." There's a mob of potential customers out there... who have piles of money to spend. And you NEED to go get'em.

Spend some damn money already... there's plenty more.

Watch the video... get your head straight.

Did you grab my "Build a Better Coupon" checklist? If not grab it now.

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