Treat Customers Like Dogs

Restaurant Marketing Plan for Reach and Frequency

Should a part of your restaurant marketing plan include treating your customers like dogs? After you read what I have to say, I think you'll agree with me that yes, you should.

Watch this video, or continue reading below, for a great tip for your restaurant marketing plan that impacts the reach and frequency of your restaurant ads.


About restaurant marketing plan reach and frequency

Let's drill down on reach and frequency and why frequency is the most important part of your restaurant marketing plan. In a typical small restaurant, you are looking for boosts in restaurant traffic. So you reach out to your ad rep, and he says you should target a really big region with your mailer.

Now, the ad rep stands to make a little more money on the 3,000 pieces this will be, but really, you only want to reach out to around 1,000 people. The reason is people don't buy when you send them an ad. They buy when the timing is right for them. The ad you run is not going to hit every one of those customers during their buying cycle. Plus, you're competing with the big chains. They have unlimited budgets, which allows them to blanket those same customers over and over again. Their restaurant advertising drowns out your restaurant advertising when you're only sending out one ad every few weeks or months.

To solve this, narrow your reach and increase your frequency. If you're sending out one mass mailing of a restaurant coupon, you're going to miss a large chunk of those people's buying cycles. Your ad only has a few days of life in it before it's yesterday's news. Instead, narrow your reach to a small area or region and send multiple ads to this area.

Put an ad out once a week for six weeks and you'll reach everyone at or around their buying cycle. And if you want to attract new customers, you have to be in there with enough repetition that a new customer sees your ad so many times they finally look at it and think, "We should really try this place."

Back to the dogs. Line up 50 dogs and give the command to sit. How many dogs are going to sit? You might get one or two, but if you take one dog, and you work with it, giving it the command 50 times, with a good reward, that dog is going to sit on command for you.

If you want to start owning your trade area, you have to start with what's close and own it. Then go out further and own it and so on. Narrow your reach and increase the frequency. This will get more and more people coming in on autopilot and that's what you need.

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