Stop Hiring Dumbasses

Do you have even one pain-in-the-ass employee that goes out of their way to piss-off, turn-off, and run-off customers... are you sure? Because just one can be a business-killing wrecking ball that keeps you poor... 


You Can't Out-market Dumbass Employees

An employee at Café Rio (my ex-favorite Mexican restaurant) just pissed me off so bad (over nothing)... that after 5+ years of almost weekly visits... and about $1,500 a year in orders, I am DONE with them.

Now, I've been going there despite sketchy cleanliness and indifferent employees all this time  because they've got killer, delicious food. 

But after the last episode... well - it's in the video...

Anyway, it refocused me on how crucial - employees are to the long term success of your restaurant.

That's because dumbasses have the unique ability to run customers off... faster than you can attract them.

And if Café Rio gave their Yelp page a passing glance, they'd see that they have a systemic problem that NEEDS to be fixed. And it boils down to employees and leadership.

How To Hire Great Employees

If you've been tolerating even a few poisonous characters because they "show up..." and get through a shift... this blog is your wake-up call.

So, what's the secret to hiring employees that keep customers coming back and spending money over, and over, and over?

It's So Simple... 

InNOut.svgIn-N-Out Burger is famous for the most attentive, ass-busting, friendly employees in the fast-food universe. 

Their secret? They hire people who smile. 

Why? Because you can teach the "job" but you can't teach the personality.

Do you have any dumbasses? 

Wander over to your Yelp page and take an open-minded look at your crap-reviews. 

See any patterns?

If so, acknowledge and fix them... and determine who is behind the pattern. (Hint: I'll bet they don't smile much).

Just because an employee can "do" the job, doesn't mean they should "have" the job.

Café Rio is a growing chain with great food and game-changing potential. I just wonder how much better they'd do if they took a page from the In-N-Out Burger hiring playbook.  


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