Restaurant SWOT analysis to survive COVID-19

Is your restaurant bouncing back? If not, time is short to figure this out. The number of restaurants permanently closing is expected to accelerate. If you're still viable and have a pulse... you need to be decisive and... right. There is zero margin for error...


Riots + COVID-19 = Opportunity

Your competition has been wiped out. The weak hands are folding. And most of the survivors are still fiddling with what "used to work."

All the while... millions of free-range customers are looking for new restaurants.  

In this video I'm gonna rant for a minute... and then walk you through the necessity to bust out a quick S.W.O.T. analysis for your restaurant...

...and why you should spend MORE money now.

That's right. More. Now.

Need a serious restaurant marketing platform (the answer is "yes")? 

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One thing's for sure. What got you to January 2020. Will NOT get you to January 2021.

Be well my friend...

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