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If your restaurant offers delivery, one of the biggest niches you can crack open - and own (because not 1-in-100 of your competitors will EVER think of this), is the pharmaceutical reps. Their whole business model revolves around buying lunch for doctors' offices. They have unlimited budgets, and they spend like crazy. 

Just what the Doctor ordered...

In Episode 7 of my recent lunch-building series, I explain how we cracked the code on harnessing the insane spending power of pharmaceutical reps. The biggest challenge was finding out who they were and how to reach them.

Watch that episode because it'll show you how we got Doctors' offices ordering from us... which led to getting our hands on a list of Pharm-reps... 

...which led to lots of money. Lots of it.

You need to start with the doctors' offices, and it just so happens the feds have created a nifty little website where you can see how much money pharm-reps are spending on specific doctors. And guess what? One of the categories is “food and beverage.” This makes it easy for enterprising restaurant owners (like you?) to go after this lucrative opportunity.

Here is a link to get started (this is like shooting fish in a barrel). 


1. Select "Query Builder"


2. Then "General Payment Data"


3. These fields are best for broad targeting. You can add specific zip codes to narrow the results. Hit "search" and...


4. Boom! Here's your list of doctors that pharm-reps are treating to lunch. Download and start building relationships.

Now what?

This ain't gonna happen by itself. You need to take some action...

Plan of attack:

  1. Deliver free lunch to the office.
  2. If they begin ordering, ask about getting contact info for their pharm-reps so “they” can treat the office to lunch more often.
  3. Reach out to the pharm-reps and treat them to lunch as a way to earn their business.

Make no mistake… this is going to take some work, but it can really pay off because nobody else is doing this.

I'll walk you through this in Episode 7

Need more lunch-building ideas?

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