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Why You Have What It Takes to Increase Restaurant Sales

When it comes to increasing restaurant sales, there are many ways to go about it. But one of the key things you must have to increase restaurant sales is the right mindset and the right goals. 

Watch the video below to learn why I think you have what it takes to increase restaurant sales, or continue reading below. 

In the video above, I've got a pile of money. It's $65,000 to be exact. The reason it’s there is I was shooting a video tip about up-selling and how I made about $65,000 a year just from up-selling extra cheeses and things like that in my pizzeria. Since I had the money in the office as a visual example, I decided to explore the topic of money and goals a bit further.

A recent survey I saw reported the amount of money most people would find "life-altering." Before you read further, what amount would be life-altering to you? 

The survey said most people would consider $19,800 to be a life-changing amount of money. It makes sense. Most people in that survey said they wanted to pay off their credit card, pay off their student loan, pay off their car. Their buried by a debt load and so for them, that would be a life-altering opportunity.

A lot of business owners are the same. I can’t tell you how many restaurant owners I talk to who all say, "Hey, Kamron, I’m doing $10,000/week right now. If we could just get that up to $12,000 or $15,0000, it would solve all my problems."

Those expectations are too low! You and I don’t think that way; you are no ordinary civilian. We're thinking BIG.

So when I hear that, I always encourage them to do just that. Think bigger.

When I took my pizzeria from $12,000/month to $150,000/month, what if I, back in the beginning, would’ve said, "Hey, if I could just get up to about $15,000/week, I'd be all good."?

I would’ve never gone all the way, would I? And neither would you. Don’t limit your thinking. If $15,000/week is the first step to getting you out of trouble, then keep growing that goal. Make $18,000/week the next step, and how about $22,000/week? Let’s not put the breaks on it, folks. Really? $20,000 is life-altering? We think bigger than that.

Start to grow that number. Request your copy of "The #1 Easiest Way to Increase Restaurant Sales," which talks about up-selling. 

If you would like to learn more about increasing restaurant sales, maximizing a marketing budget or anything else related to restaurant marketing, visit my YouTube channel. 

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